Agency Survey

Olmstead Planning Committee

Executive Summary
October 23, 2000


Agencies responding to the Survey: Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Human Services, Department of Mental Health, Department of Rehabilitation Services, Division of Medicaid


Overall, it appears that persons with disabilites are covered as a target population by most, if not all, state agencies. All agencies reported either working toward developing home and community-based services or expressed the need for more work to be done in this area.

For institutional servcies, waiting lists are for the most part maintained by the individual providers. A provider survey may be indicated in order to obtain more detailed information in this area.

One overall weakness that was identified by almost all state agencies was informing those in the community about the availability of home and community-based servcies.  In mosts cases, access to these services was dependent upon the indifidual presenting for either institutional or home and community-based long term care servcies.

All agencies reported including consumers, family members, providers and advocates in the program planning process for meeting the needs of persons with disabilities.

Although most agencies report having a data collection system available, it could not be described as comprehensive.

*The analysis provided is subjective.